Invention Promotion Companies
Q:  What is an invention promotion company?

A:  Invention promotion companies or firms are designed to aid inventors by marketing, developing, evaluating, and
patenting their inventions.  

Q:  What should I look for when choosing an invention promotion company?

A:  Some invention promotion firms are not legitimate.  You should research the reputation of the company, which you
may do by looking to see if a complaint has been filed with the
United States Patent and Trademark Office.   The
USPTO has also published a
pamphlet  that provides helpful information.

Q:  Why should I use a lawyer instead of an invention promotion company?

A:  Patent attorneys and agents are licensed by the USPTO while invention promotion companies are not.  Additionally,
working with a lawyer grants you the opportunity to have face to face interaction and to build a relationship with
someone you can trust with your intellectual property.
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