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Wagner Law helps clients develop and implement strategies to identify,
acquire, and protect intellectual property rights.  Our experience includes:

    • Contract drafting and negotiation

    Clearance studies

    Due diligence - freedom to operate opinions and patentability analysis

    • Education regarding best practices for intellectual property rights

    Patent litigation support

    Patent preparation and prosecution (domestic and foreign)

    • Trademark registrations

These services are provided on an as needed basis, or on an ongoing basis
as external intellectual property counsel.
On Site Legal Services:  If your business needs an
attorney to work on site for a brief period of time
because your in-house lawyer is on vacation or
otherwise out of the office, or you simply want to see you
attorney and have her to meet with the staff and be
available to discuss projects, we are happy to spend
time on your premises.
Other Legal Matters.  In conjunction with other firms
with which we have relationships, we can handle most
other legal matters.
External Intellectual Property Counsel.  In addition
to performing the standard services, we can manage
those matters related to your intellectual property rights,
such as litigation, interferences, review of invention
disclosures, training of managers and staff on best
practices for notebooks, and develop a strategy to
identify, acquire and protect your IP portfolio.